Having A Clean Home Can Improve Your Mental And Physical Health

It may sound odd, but the cleanliness of your home can drastically improve your physical and mental health.
If you struggle with depression or another mental illness, even when you are just feeling down in the dumps, one of the best things to combat a poor mood and help you get unstuck is to be active. Check our article on benefits on hiring our maid and cleaning services. The process of physical activity will help you release endorphins, which will quickly make you feel more positive and elevate your mood. When you are feeling down, try convincing yourself to clean up your home or find another way to get active. Here is how you can improve and watch over your health with a clean home.
Although we have already dealt with the mental health aspects of cleaning up your home with eco friendly cleaning products, there are also effects on your physical health. When there is a lot of dirt inside your home, this can increase the amount of bacteria and bugs that are inside your home. There are many places inside your home that you may not consider which are harboring bacteria. These places include:
•    Light switches

•    Remote controls

•    Your toothbrush

•    Salt & pepper shakers

•    The keyboard on your computers

•    Kitchen and bathroom sink

•    Bathtubs

•    Hand or bath towels
Although these places seem like an odd place for bacteria to grow, such as the keyboard, remotes, light switches, and salt shaker, these are items that are frequently handled throughout the day. When you consider what people touch throughout the day and the number of bacteria they might have picked up throughout the day, there are a lot of bacteria and dirt that could be on these surfaces. You should wipe everything down with disinfecting wipes at the end of the day and encourage the people in your household to wash their hands often. To keep your keyboards clean, use a vacuum or a can of pressurized air to help remove debris from between the keys.
Your bathtub can also harbor bacteria. Although you might believe your bathtub is clean, because soaps and other products used to clean your hair and body are frequently used in the tub, it is time to reconsider. After you take a bath, you probably notice that layer of dirt floating on top of the water line. You need to clean this to eliminate a buildup of bacteria; otherwise, you will be bathing in a dirty tub. Make sure to rinse out the bathtub, even if it is a quick wash by using shower gel. Everyone should do a quick clean of the tub after use. You might also want to do a quick wash of the tub before you use it. A well established maid service in your area can help with all home cleaning needs as well.
Another place inside your home that you probably think is clean is your kitchen sink. Since you probably use dish detergent and other cleaning liquids in the sink, it seems clean, but it is not. There are plenty of food particles that go down the drain and can be found in the sink drain. You might leave them or try to rinse them out of the sink. Unfortunately, this is a breeding site for bacteria. You should disinfect your bathroom and kitchen sinks by using bleach and hot water. Allow the mixture to sit overnight, and it will be clean for the following day. Keep your towels and clothes clean by washing them in the hottest water on your washing machine to help kill any bacteria.
Damp environments are perfect for breeding bacteria. What better place to reproduce than a used toothbrush?  Make sure your toothbrush dries in between uses and replace it with a fresh toothbrush regularly. If you experience an illness, it is best to replace your toothbrush entirely to prevent reinfecting yourself. Close the lid on the toilet before you flush to prevent water and bacteria from splashing out and landing on your toothbrush. Lastly, after you have used your towel, allow it to dry by hanging it up. Never just toss it on the floor. This process eliminates an environment for bacteria to grow. Make sure your shower curtain has adequate ventilation to dry out after use.
By remembering these simple tips, you can have a healthier home.
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