3 Reasons You Should Switch To Green Cleaning Products

“Green” or eco-friendly cleaning products are a popular way to keep your home clean without the harsh effects of chemicals. If you are not on the bandwagon of switching to green cleaning products, there are several reasons why you should make the switch.

Eco Clean products used for your kitchen
Reduced Health Hazards
There are numerous hazards associated with chemicals in household cleaners. You often need to take significant precautions when using them because if they come into contact with your skin or eyes, they may cause an allergic reaction or serious chemical burns. Another consideration is inhalation of these chemicals.
For some people, especially those with respiratory ailments, even breathing in small amounts of these chemicals could cause a deadly reaction. No matter how healthy your lungs are, you might experience adverse reactions to breathing in chemicals. Opening the windows is not always enough to prevent problems, and the scent can linger inside your home for hours or days. Many green products are unscented or unlikely to cause an adverse reaction from normal use.
If you have small children or pets, it is best to avoid using chemicals entirely. They can knock chemicals over or even consume them, causing serious injury or even death.
Reduced Structural Hazards
Chemicals can be dangerous when you consider the risk of structural damage from fires or explosions. First, many of these chemical cleaning products are not easy to store. You never want to store them in a garage or other place where they may be exposed to extreme temperatures. Extreme hot or cold could cause chemicals to ignite, or the container may explode.
You also have to be cautious when you use chemicals that are designed to unclog the toilet or drains. These products could mix with other chemicals that are already in the pipes and cause an explosion or the creation of noxious gasses. Since you have no way of knowing what your neighbors have put down their drains recently, using chemicals can be a recipe for disaster.

Reduced Environmental Hazards
Once a chemical is flushed down the toilet, enters the drains, or even runs off into the storm drain, the damage does not end there. Many of these chemicals make their way into the water system and can damage neighboring bodies of water. Although many toxins are reduced or eliminated through water processing, everything cannot be removed.
The residual chemical can circulate back into homes and be found in drinking or cooking water. When these chemicals make their way into lakes, streams, or the ocean, they can cause long-term damage to native organisms that exist in these bodies of water. Adverse effects can kill sea creatures and the plant life that is vital for the existences of these creatures. This eventually trickles down to affect larger animals and the food system.
Whether you are cleaning your home or calling a cleaning service, find green options for all your cleaning products. Doing your part can help make your home and the environment safer by reducing the adverse effects of chemicals.

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